The state of Israel was created as a melting  pot for all Jews around the world.

in accordance with the Law of Return

The comic book tells the story of new immigrants from the Soviet Union of the 90's 

The Israeli society is criticized of the way they except the new immigrants.

The comic book is based up on true stories from actual events that i gathered from my and my friends experiences.

The comic takes place in two spheres that are differentiated by color. the main story of the young boy in color and that of his parents is black and white 

The usage of stereotypes accentuates the difference of the population and how one looks in the eye of the other.

Through this project i expressed my  criticism on the heterogeneous Israeli culture that propagates the cycle of vicious and hurtful racism 'to the othe.

Done during studies at Shenkar, under the guidance of Asaf Hanuka and Noa Shvartz.

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